Anxiety is not prejudice, we are

Anxiety is politically correct

Anxiety is not prejudice. It does not choose based on race, sexual orientation, gender or social standing. Anxiety doesn't choose it's victims based on a happiness score, quality of life or otherwise, and that's something that people seem to misunderstand. Anxiety has a key role, to confuse it's victims and dominate over rational thought. Anxiety becomes the rational thought, and that in itself throws any form of discrimination out.

People fail to understand that the wealthy get anxiety, the straight couple get anxiety, even the man down the street with a seemingly perfect life and family is a potential sufferer.

Anxiety and relativity

There's certainly an argument to say that situational factors contribute towards mental health issues, including anxiety. But situational factors are relative in themselves. That ‘rich kid’ could be under academic pressure from successful family members, the straight couple could be dealing with elements of domestic abuse, the man with the perfect life could be hit with the news that he's being made redundant, that's his wife's cheated on him. Or, he could just be anxious. Sometime’s there's just no reason for anxiety. Sometimes, it just arrives, sets up camp and lies dormant for its call back out into the wild.

Anxiety doesn't care if you have a nice car

Like physical health, mental health doesn't discriminate on lifestyle. The idea that people would be happy if they ‘had a car, had a nice house, had a child’ is absurd. Anxiety doesn't sit with a clipboard tallying up an allocation of happiness based on what type of car someone has or what shoes they wear.

Anxiety doesn't care if you save on inheritance tax

Anxiety doesn't give exemption tokens to the millionaire entrepreneur or the people born in a body of ‘social privilege’. The idea that we choose mental health importance based on political preference is also insane. If anxiety doesn't discriminate, it's not going to care if someone saves or gains 3% in tax. It's not going to care if inheritance tax or benefits are cut. Anxiety doesn't give a damn if you've a privileged existence. Mental health should be a key factor in the manifesto of all political parties. An overwhelming percentage of voters select their preference based on the desire to keep as much money as possible, with little regard to something far more important. We should be looking beyond money and looking at maintaining our minds, or else any money we have is redundant.

Anxiety doesn't care if you have money, we do

Recovery is the one area anxiety falls against discrimination of the poor. The wealthy have a stronger chance of access to better health practitioners, therapists and alternative medicine. Those with money can afford to see the best in the field, and most importantly, can see them quickly. Anxiety can develop into becoming a race against time and that is where we are failing. Those living in the UK are fortunate to have access to mental health services on the NHS (for the moment, at least) but long wait times mean people are suffering for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, longer wait times are associated with a heightened state of anxiety.

Anxiety is progressive, we are not

Whilst anxiety remains unselective in its selection of victims, we are selective in allocation of treatment. The NHS was established for ‘cradle to grave care’ and we are fortunate enough to have access to health care for a whole manner of physical and mental illnesses. However, in the fight against mental health (as with addiction), we discriminate between ourselves and put a price tag on our minds. It all seems a bit backwards to me.