The alternative lent - 40 days of chat

The concept of lent seems a little outdated. In absence of religion, giving up anything for forty days requires far more willpower than I have spare. This year lent appears a trendy thing to do - to deny one of life's remaining pleasures in the name of masochism. Whilst everyone else is busy giving up their remaining vices, I've decided to take up a hobby.

When quitting is overrated 

It takes a cultural trend to kick me into gear; proving the fact that I'm just as masochistic (read: hypocritical) as everyone else. In the name of culture I will write something everyday for forty days.

It's not that I'm bored - I'm not. Or that I am looking for a creative outlet - I have a few of those. More that I should take time to do something that isn't focused on work, Instagram, whisky or Netflix. Some time in May or June or July last year, I decided to make a conscious effort on writing a blog. The idea didn't stick around too long as 'something else came up'. Unfortunately, I need a reason to write and the string of projects that have come before have all died some form of un-heroic, sad death.

A Red Hair Affair - a trip down memory lane

My first effort 'A Red Hair Affair' was a fashion blog; however, being in the photos made my insides squirm. It also turned out that if you aren't willing to identify the blog as your own, marketing the thing is near-on impossible. And with that, I bade farewell to my career as a fashion blogger. Following my retirement from fashion, I dabbled with writing for other people's blogs to soothe the fear that 'people might find out it's me'.

A Red Hair affair - One man and a boat

A Red Hair affair - One man and a boat

I'm not sure what I want to write about over the next forty days or where I want to go with this but it's a challe nge (and that means I'll stick with it).

Why 'The Minor Anxiety'?

Everyone has an anxiety, the world is an anxious place and we wouldn't be human if we didn't. From a personal perspective, I'm a huge champion for the vocalisation of mental health issues. We have a mind and sometimes it has doesn't work the way we would like. It's the largest prejudice we have left, and no one is exempt.